Xplor EveryWhere is a competitive intelligence system tools, dedicated to cover all stages of discovery, extraction and data management. Without for getting the criteria proposed by “Fuld & company”, nowadays we get to handle any type of information (formal or informal). And with Xplor EveryWhere we get completed the reporting service, especially the aspect of mobility. Lastly with this system, it’s possible to: View updated information as we have access to our strategic database server in real-time, itself fed daily by watchmen. Raise information "field" at trade shows, customer visits or after meetings. And request information specific emergency will be posted by the watchmen.

With the evolution of technology, such a portal for mobile will enables us to increase efficiency and responsiveness because at any moment, it is possible to gain access all strategic information by markers itself can be information back very quickly "field" which may possibly trigger other strategic analysis.