The 5th Seminar on Scientific and Technological

Strategic Intelligence





June 21th and 22th, Toulouse, France

The 5th International Seminar on Scientific and Technological Strategic Intelligence 2018 (VSST'2018) will be organized with the objective of gathering researchers, developers, and practitioners from academic and industrial sectors and whose work is based on the different facets of competitive intelligence. The conference will serve as a forum for the dissemination of state-of-the-art research, development and implementation of competitive intelligence systems, methodologies, technologies, and applications.

Since 1995, the main objective of VSST is to create a program that establishes and achieves a balance between theory and practice, academy and industry, systems/tools-oriented research and content creation.

VSST’2018 will be held in the city of Toulouse, France.

VSST'2018 will include lectures, tutorials, sessions, panels by experts and doctoral symposium, to identify new approaches in competitive intelligence, big data mining, scientific and technological strategic intelligence.